Friday, December 28, 2007

Kirsten and I made plans for winter break and one of them was visiting Enchanted Castle. Luke and Levi went on the go cart and bumper cars, while Hans went on all the motorized vehicles. Hans knew exactly where he was going the minute we entered his two favorite games were ski ball and a sponge bob game. Hans ended getting a slinky and the boys got stuffed animals with their tickets.

We took Hans to see his first movie in the theatre Alvin and the Chipmunks. It was so cute he was sitting in his own seat with his bottle in hand. He ended up falling asleep. Mark's friend Steve is the GM at the theatre so we came home with tons of movie posters, and once again Mark and I haven't paid for a movie in 10 years. Thank you Steve!! Hanzie got an Alvin and Chipmunks poster, so we are going to put it up in his playroom. Mark also wants to put up the Simpsons poster, but I am not so sure.

Rockford is our favorite place to go during Christmas break. We go to Stockholm in and get the best Swedish pancakes. Then we go and visit Finnels the Scandinavian shop. This year Auntie Gracie gave the kids gift cards to Toys r us and it was her idea to let them pick out a toy. Hans found a toy immediately and wouldn't let go of it.

The boys love to wrestle Hans get right in the middle of all the action.

Mark and Hans listened to David Hasselhoffs music on the way to Rockford. Mark is a big fan of the Hoff. For Christmas he got all the Knight Rider shows on DVD. He said he wanted to get a car like the one on the show and restore it. I thought that was pretty funny since he doesn't even know where to put in the windshield washer fluid.

It is my family tradition to open gifts Christmas evening after the big christmas. After, the boys opened there gifts the put on their matching PJ's. The boy got a WE and Hans got clothes.

Grandpa and Grandma Barbian come on Christmas Day, so Hans gets to open gifts from them but after the morning gifts he wasn't interested. Hans got a packer oufit and a Wisconsin Badgers sweatshirt. Mark got Star Wars ornaments. I got a precious moments. Grandpa Barbian gave us all money.

Hans up from Nap. We only had thirty people due to the stomach flu.

Hans loved when Tim played the piano so he could dance. He watched all of his cousins to see what they were doing.
MY Happy Boy!!

We woke up at 7 to open gift, but Hans had to take breaks in between opening presents so we started off in the living room and ended up in the play room.

Dianne and Andy came by with Annabeth and brought Hans his favorite toys right now a truck.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas at great grandma's and grandpa's house. Hans got a pottery barn fisherman light, giggles and go vehicle set, and a puppet that sings. He has used them all already!

This as close as Hans would get to any Santa Claus although at the end he gave Santa a high five.

Hans freaked out when he got to see all his cousins he is attached to all of them. Brenda watches him so he sees Marissa and Cory alot. Then he sees Luke and Levi as often as possible (at the ends). We couldn't get Hans in the picture he just liked watching them.

Hans got to open many gifts early because he was given so many from friends and family.

The night of our neighborhood progressive dinner it was snowing and Hans loved being out in it. Every year we do progressive dinner with our friends and desserts tend to be at our house. I made cobbler, almond bars, peppermint and chocolate ice cream dessert, cookies, brownies, and derby pie. Hans made it through the entire party. Mark and I were surprised.

At Alicia and Simeon's house Hans found the 15 lb weights and loved picking them up. It is amazing how strong the little guy is.
Hans has his own drawer with his cups and dishes, so that he can help me by putting away his own dishes. He decided that it would be fun sitting in that drawer.

Mark and I had to finish tearing up our laundry room floors and laying tile before Christmas eve when our new washing machine and dryer were scheduled to be delivered.

Hans got to open his first Christmas gift early. Uncle Adam sent him the batman toy in the mail.

Friday, December 14, 2007

For those of you who haven't heard yet I am having a girl. That was good because I have had the name picked out before we even planned on having kids. Also Mark and I weren't able to agree on a boys name. I just finished my master class, which was the most intense education class I have ever taken. Well I guess that is what should be expected of a master class although I am glad to have one more done. Now I have time to get ready for Christmas.

Melissa came down after her cheerleading game to see the Jewelry and Hans was flipping out. He loves Melissa. I can already tell he loves the fun out-going cheerleader type. The minute Melissa comes around he becomes her little shadow and just wants to be right by her. The first time we had her babysit I was nervous, but when she walked in he said BYEBYE momma. From then on I knew she would be our babysitter.

Hans loves seeing the fish and being with the girls.

Hans of course had to take the hard way to get to Christines.

The next day after the snow storm Hans and I went outside to play. He wanted to stay out for hours. He went on his sled which he is getting to big for my 34 pound baby. Then he had to hike on his paths that he takes in the summer although he kept on falling over because of the height of the snow.

Here is Hans as we left the game he was amazed by the snow.

Hans was brought to his first game ever at Timothy. Timothy was playing Chicago Christian where Erik is principal. His favorite part was the band and the Cheerleaders. Hans couldn't make it through the whole game so we left early. Also there was a snow storm, and I had to teach the next day, so we wanted to make it home before midnight.

Monday, December 03, 2007

Hans Watching the Game!

Hanzie is obsessed with Play-doh. Lets say it is the best thing ever! Hans plays for hours. He loves to pick out his favorite colors. He likes white the best. We tell him the different colors and he picks them out. Hans moves his highchair goes and sits on his mat. That is how we know he wants to play with it.
I never thought I would have a son that is as football crazy as Mark. Well I guess it is good because Hans wouldn't be able to sleep anyways cause Mark is so loud!! That way they cheer together.

This is the picture that all my students love and said I need to put on his blog. Hans was at Christine's house playing on the slide.