Sunday, June 28, 2009

We went back down by Grandma's house for Jodie and Brent's engagement party. Jodie is my cousin-cous and Brent is a good friend from college. About this time last year Jodie was looking to date someone. I asked Brent and he was interested. They started to talk and now a year later are getting married. They had such a beautiful party! Now I am getting asked by so many people to find them a match. It was definitely a God thing.
Hanzie was in time out. Elle decided she had to sit with him. He needed to say sorry to her and give her a hug.

Hans and Christian go to day camp together, so Ethelyn and I carpool. Next year Ellie will be able to go too.

I had to come and be the relief pitcher for Kirsten. Grandma and Grandpa needs are tiring for one person. I am more than willing to help. I want my children to learn how to treat people, and the best way is to show by example. It was so hot so we took out the splash pool at Grandma's.

Ellie had her first experience at Mc Donalds playland. She climbed through all the tunnels and had the best time. Levi was so worried about her being in the tunnels, but she was amazing. It was a first experience where it was all boys and Elle. It was great for all the boys because we didn't have to worry about all the whiny girls mothers. Then we went swimming at Shirls with Brenda and her kids.

Mark and I did some projects around the house and this was the first one he did all on his own. I was working on installing rain barrels that look like rocks and he put together the fountain. (Uncle Adam still doesn't believe Mark did by himself.) All the kids love it. Today Hans, Derek, Kyle and Christian were playing with the water boat set in it.
Hans helped clean up at Grandma's request.

We headed out to Brandy's graduation. Elle got in her first girl fight, and came crying to everyone. The other girls sure got in trouble.

Elle ate all the watermelon off of the table. She was completely covered in juice.

Elle is a shoe girl like me and now becoming a flower girl too. We made our first bouquets of the season.

Monday, June 15, 2009

The kids and I were planning to stay at Grandma's for two days. As it turned out we ended up being there five days. Grandpa came home from the nursing home which was unexpected, so I had my work cut out for me. We had things down to a science by the fourth day. I had to get use to pushing a wheel chair around in tight spaces. Mark was there two days and able to take the kids to ride the train, see a movie and go to the play land. Hans slept every night "a dadda" and the watched shows. He say "a" instead of by. Uncle Sam came the last evening to get informed on what to do and took the kids to the park. Elle was good the entire time and when she got close he started crying and it was a monsoon by the time she got to me. Hans was excited to see both his Uncles. Uncle Erik came by and Hans didn't want to leave to go home. (Please pray for Erik as he goes in for his stem cell transplant this week.) When we were driving into our neighborhood he said no home go back. He liked all the excitement, and visitors. When we got home Abby, Andrew, Charlotte, Christian and Marshall came over and played, which made him forget he wanted to go back.

Elle is more interested in riding the trike than Hans.

Ellie loves Strawberries. It is a good thing that we are growing them.

With job losses and things like they are many of the neighborhood kids are home. They are older kids, but Hans liked having them around. They even ate lunch with us.

The best of friends! They have so much fun together.

Ellie has a new way of eating mac and cheese.

Hans started swim lessons. I was nervous, but all my high school/ college kids took great care of him. It was almost like he got a private lesson. Elle wanted to jump in but she sat down instead.

While in Miliwaukee Grandma took us to the Children's museum. Hans got to go shopping at the best grocery store sendicks. He worked on a car, rode a harley, got to be on tv, went through a heart, played doctor and so much more. He had the best time ever!!!

Hanzie and Grandma did the Jelly Belly experiment. It is one of Hanzie's favorite treats.

Grandma Cindy has so much jewelry left from Mark's mom and Grandma. Elle had the best time wearing it. At one point she was covered.

Grandpa and Grandma came to visit and took us to my favorite restaurant Zaza. Hans was going to sleepover, but we had Serina's b-day. We found out Grandma had the week off so we decided to go to Milwaukee the next day. We went to get Mark from work while we waited we went to the tree house to play.

We went for Hanzie's final school meeting for the year. They talked about how cute and sweet he is but most of all how he is the best dressed kid. They all wanted to know where his clothes come from.

We took out the jumping pit. Elle was scared at first. As you can see that didn't last long.

The way we do everything in our house is homemade. Hans is making pancakes.

We went over to Serina's 13th birthday! Happy Birthday Serina!!

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Ellie is my girl that loves shoes and jewelry. She likes to pick out what she wears. I just love the pink polka dot leg warmers.

Elle loves the outdoors. She can't wait to play at her water table. She flies down the slide and swings on her belly.

For memorial day weekend, we spent the time at my grandparents. My grandpa is in the hospital and my grandma needs someone with her. Elle and I stayed with Grandma while my mom took Hans to a Kane County Cougars game. He loved being with Luke and Levi. Then we went to Russell's and met Mark. He came with our new cell phones, and I love mine.

We went to Auntie Shirley's for Garth's graduation from college. Hans had spilled one second after I got him dressed. It was quite the day! I now know there is a special angel for children. Hans went under the water for quite a while. I was worried he wasn't going to be OK. Cory was his lifesaver! When I got him I grabbed him had he hurled up water. I was pretty shaken up. I learned my lesson not to go swimming with just me and the two kids.

We got to see Erik and he looks good. Hans was really excited to see him and his cousins.
We haven't had much time for family fun nights, but we were able to go out one weekend in May! Elle loved seeing the fish, and Hans was happy to get pasta.