Monday, April 27, 2009

Elle is so ready for her teenage years. She already has the cell phone thing down and many times it looks like she is texting. We are not ready for this!! It is a good thing I gave her my old phone because she always has an eye on electronics. She is our electronic girl. She loves daddy's $800 remote, my laptop, gps, and our phones.

Elle is texting all of her friends. Well she doesn't have any girlfriends yet. So she must be texting all of her boyfriends. Watch out daddy!

Hans has started the early childhood program. He is doing so well. His speech is developing and he loves getting the opportunity to be social. Once a month they have a family outing day. April was bowling day. Mark took him and Hans did well for his first time. He got a 86 and Mark got a 176, not so good for daddy. Mark used the excuse that the bumpers messed up his curve. I am still not buying it.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Please pray for my dear friend Nate and his pain relief. He is enduring cancer and the pain has been terrible. He needs the strength to be able to spend time with his kids and Debbie.

Hans and Ellie had a great birthday party all of their closest friends were able to come. It was such a wonderful time for them. Toys were everywhere!!! It just means they had fun. Ellie got the cutest swimsuit with sandals, and Hans loved the gift card he got inside an xbox gift card holder.

Everyone at well! Elle loved the danish layer cake. We had some left and Hans went to take it out and the dogs snatched the entire cake. All as I can say is they will be in big trouble for a while.

The second day when daddy had to get him on the bus did not go so well. Mark had to walk Hans down to catch the bus with Derek as you can see his eyes are red. He did not want to leave daddy. He has a much hard time leaving when daddy takes him. We will see how tomorrow goes.

He came home and it was such a beautiful day so we played outside with Hanzie's friends.
Hans had his first day of school all went well Christine got him on the bus and he loved it.
This past week was definitely a trying one.
1. Getting Hans into the early childhood program! I never knew it would be such a headache.
2. Registering for school and getting all the appropriate paperwork like physical, birth certificate, and all the other paperwork within one day. Aughh!
3. Hans having a meltdown about getting on the bus.
4. We had the school resale and I volunteered and had to run home because they needed more items to sell.
5. Preparing for the kids b-day.
6. A girl fight about to break out in my class.
7. Another student pregnant.
8. A student with cancer.
I just pray that through all the craziness of life, I can be the best for my students and my family. I tend to be the first one who the students confide in and I continually pray God give me wisdom with what to say to these young kids. The girls worked everything out. The pregnant student told her parents and they are supportive, but my student with cancer will need prayer. This week I had a good talk with a girl who is having family issues and she said I am the only person in the school she can talk to. I just pray in moments like these God can help me to be a witness of his love and caring heart.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Happy Easter!! Hans and Elle had a great Easter! They searched around for their Easter gifts. Hans is always happy with transformers and Elle is happy with anything at this age!

For good Friday we spent the day enjoying God's creation. This time we were able to hike in the caves and areas where the Indians hide out at Matheson. We got completely drenched and covered in mud! Levi ended up sliding down into the water. We started off at Morris and the kids got clothes from the boutique and we ate at Corleone's. Then we headed out to hike. Hans had the time of his life and the boys said they want to do more things like this. I think we will have to take them along on more of the Hanzie's adventures.

I zoomed way in to get this picture. I didn't want daddy to see how high up they were. SSSHHH!

We hiked all over Starved Rock. Hans was amazing he kept up with us all the entire time. It was so windy when we went near the river and dam. We also had to have a long talk with Levi that we weren't saying a bad word. I am not sure he believed us.

Hans and Elle got their pictures taken with the Easter Bunny. I was amazed we got one with out them screaming. That is what happened with all the little kids we saw.
Ellie and Daddy spent good Friday together while Hans and I were in Starved Rock.

Elle and Hans got their 3 and 1 year pics.

Monday, April 13, 2009

I am an angel of the morning sums up Elle. When she wakes up in the morning she is a ray of sunshine.

Elle Bells is starting to talk. It will be a nice change from her yelling!

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

The struggles of opening a gift.

Monday, April 06, 2009

Hans is three and Elle is one! Happy birthday!

Hans and Elle opened their Easter and birthday gifts from Grandma and Grandpa. Hans got a brewers jersey and zoo animals, and Elle got a bunny and clothes. They both love playing with the bunny and his moving ears.

We went to Wisconsin to go to Milwaukee zoo. Hans was so happy to see Grandma and Grandpa. Elle had the biggest eyes the whole time. She just kept staring at the animals. Most of all they loved the otters. Once again the tiger came right up to us and rubbed against the window. The way tigers are attracted to us make me glad there is protection.

Hans wanted more eggs so this is a picture at our second Easter egg hunt of the day.

Elle is with Heather. She was my student and one of my cheerleaders. I now have her brother in class.

We went to the town Easter Egg Hunt it was great because I got to see so many former students. Just remind me to not where two jackets. I was way to hot. Hans loved seeing all of the kids and the high schoolers paid so much attention to him. Elle got every one's attention with her birthday dress. Hans got so many eggs, but didn't get the golden ticket worth $50.

We went to Home Depot building project. Hans made a bird house.

Friday Kirsten brought us up to Grandma's and we went to ed's. Then we hung out for the rest of the day at Grandma's trying to get the car packed up with the gifts and toys Kirsten was passing on to us. Not everything fit and of course I bruised my ribs trying to lift one of the jeeps in and out of the cars. I need to remember not to pick up things that weigh more than me.

We went hiking for Elle's b-day at Starved Rock and Matthiason. When the kids got tired we met up with Kirsten at Morris to go to Corleone's and the shops. Next time remind me to got to Morris first so I am not covered in mud to go shopping.
Mark and I hiked down a hundred stairs or so to enter the waterfalls. Hans and Mark walked through the river and got soaked. Mark was so worried about Elle and I so we couldn't go anywhere that was slippery.

Three peas in a pod. Hans love being with the cousins. When he slept over he had to ride with them to school and be with them every second he could. He plays the monster and chase the boys and their friends around. When he got there his best bud Levi put together a bunch of toys for Hans. Today he brought one of them to Christine's. He could find it when he left and was broken up cause II (Levi) gave it to him.

Elle liked the cake, but she was much more dainty with it compared to Hans. She took piece by piece and put it in her mouth.

We went to Egg Harbor for lunch.

We took Hans to Yorktown for his b-day to ride the train, and play in the tree house. They also got their picture taken with the Easter bunny. We went with Great Grandma and met up with TT and mom who were out car shopping. I think my mom is getting a Mercury Mariner Hybrid. It is definitely a good decision.
Hans zonked out on the sofa after a night of being out late. He had to watch transformers as you can see he fell asleep next to one of his.
Hans and I got ready to go to Johnny's chophouse. They had their 30 year anniversary and had all you can eat steak and seafood buffet. I am not a buffet person, but it was outstanding. Hans liked his cherry tart most of all.

Hans is three. We decided he need a big boy hairstyle so this is the one he liked. It kind of reminds me of my brother's hair in the 90's.
Hans got his birthday gift and all Elle wanted to do is play with the box. He has enjoyed playing with the xbox. Mark and I have liked it even more with the xbox 360 live and netflix.