Monday, June 30, 2008

Here is the stuff I got and now need to work on.

Hans loves his baby so much he is so good to her and he lays down by her and talks. We could not be more thankful to have two such sweet kids.

Hans got to spend a day this weekend with Dad on boys day out. Hans put on his Disney star wars t-shirt and Darth Vader shoes, and went to the comic convention. Hans came home with toys go figure. While they were at the convention Elle and I went to see Patti and Grete at Great Grandma's. Of course we forgot our cameras. I have been looking for a doll house for Elle for a while and I went to check one out. It was 6 feet long and 4 feet high. It was a mansion. We were planning on getting it, but the ladies sale price went higher and higher with less furniture. Then last night I went on Craigslist and found 2 dollhouses in HP, so I drove there and got them with a kids grand piano and a bunch of other girls stuff. It was quite the deal. Now I just have to start fixing up the houses.

Well this past week is over. I am so thankful to be done with Law class. I had a major computer breakdown and lost my work. I ended up retyping close to 35 pages not fun. Hans and Elle had to go to a sitters for the first time in a while. They had to adjust to this. It will be hard for all of us come August.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Hans at Grandma and Grandpa on Father's day. He had to keep up with this 4 and 1/2 year old boy.

After the Zoo we drove 3 hours to Joliet to go to Karen's engagement party. She is getting married soon and I am so excited for her. I also got to see Marlene who is getting married soon. It was great to see both of them since we are all so busy.
kid and how his outfit was so adorable. I continue to hear how he is the best dressed kid and now how Elle is dressed so well. Of course you know how the dress is important to me. Now if I could get Mark to wear something besides his Star Wars shirts.
We got to go for grandpa's company trip. They paid for the family and had a picnic. We all couldn't have had a better time and Elle enjoyed sleeping and eating.
We got a pass to go in and pet the sting rays. Hans did for one second and then freaked out and didn't want to go near them.
Hans loved all the animals especially the monkeys, snakes and the big cats. Here there was a baby monkey swing around.

We went up to go to the Milwaukee Zoo. We drove up friday and went to my favorite Italian restuarant and then slept over. When we got in the car to head to the zoo Hans was under the impression we were heading home. He was trying to figure out why we stopped. When we got there we went to see the birds. He was so excited. Just wait!
Mark' s aunt came over to see Elle over the weekend while we were in Wisconsin.
Ellie Belly is so much fun she smiles and is constantly interacting. I can't believe how quickly time is going by.

Hans is loving the summer. These last two weeks I have been in master class. It is amazing to think I will have three classes after this week and then my final presentation and portfolio. Hans has been enjoying grilling and getting to see so many people going every where.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

For Father's Day we were supposed to all go to my grandparent but because of a storm Mark had to go into work. So we spent the day with Kim's dad and went to the park. Hans loved Ron. He kept Hans entertained.

We went to watch Luke's baseball game. Hans had a great time with Tyler's dad.
We went for the day before fathers day to visit my fathers grave. It is unbelievable how much we miss him, but after I get teary eyed I remember that he is in heaven without pain.
This is Terri and Brandy. Terri just lost her husband to cancer. Please pray for her. Brandy was on my cheerleading squad and the first time we met we just clicked. Brandy is the sweetest student I have ever had. I love both of them!
These are a few of my neighbors, but actually they are very special friends. Alicia, in the pink, was my first friend when I moved into the neighborhood. Her girls were an influence in my decision to go back into teaching. Alicia is so much fun and she makes me laugh I really enjoy being with her. Ria is in the white. She is the social organizer. She is so warm and welcoming. When you are with Ria you always feel like you are at home. She is so kind and generous. Natalie is in the green and she has been my life saver. When Hans was born I didn't have any clothes for the cold weather she came over with tons of clothes and blankets. She also gave me so many other things for him. The first time Nat and I talked we were together for hours, every since then we have been close. In the black is Laura she is just so nice and warm. Laura is always there when you need someone. I am so thankful for all of my friends including the ones that weren't in the picture.
Kirsten and the boys had a great time watching elf and eating their snacks from the specialty candy store.

Hans got a nerds rope from Auntie Kirsten. He picked it out at the candy shop.

My dearest friend Dr Graffis, Christine, came over to see the baby. She is moving from Palatine to Antioch, so she will be close I am so thrilled that she is moving closer. She brought Elle the coolest tie die outfits. I loved them!

All is well. Elle is growing and is such a sweetheart. She is more like a four month old the way she interacts and talks. I think that she will be my talker. Kirsten came up to our house for a jewelry party while Mark was at Disney for work. I decided not to go this year because of Elle. I think two little ones might be to much to handle by myself.

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Elle is such a doll. Her nickname is definently going to be legs like me.

Hans had so much fun playing in the storm he wanted to go back out even when the tornado sirens were going off. We had to explain to him it is dangerous when you hear that noise.

Dana had those boys flying high. Hans wanted more and more of flying through the air.

Hans loves all of the bugs now. Today he went after a bee. I yelled ouch. Later he saw more bees and said ow. This will be interesting with all the insects we get because of all of our flowers. oh by the way our friend Mark said he thinks my landscaping is so beautiful. That was so nice to hear since he is considered the expert landscaper. I have put a lot of work into making it beautiful. I really do enjoy it.

Hans got his first experience with bugs. He hasn't really payed attention to them until now.

We are in a tornado warning right now so we are stuck inside. We were outside grilling when it started to pour. Hans freaked out at first, so I chose to play in it with him. We were spinning around in circles getting soaked and having a blast doing it.
Elle is now at the point she watches her brother and laughs and smiles at the funny things he does.
Elle went for the first time in her swing and loved it she would stay for hours she cried when I took her out.
Hans loves going on walks, but he always wants to go to the park and play. That is the last thing Elle wants to do. She likes to be moving in the stroller. Or she demands that Hans holds the bottle and feeds her.

Hans, Dana and Christian wrestled. It was unbelievable no one cried. I am used to being with other kids that cry if you touch them. It was so great for Hans to have a friend that is like him. Both boys were tired after hours of playing together.

Hans loves the leather seat at their house. He thinks it is his personal chair that he can climb all over.

Dana holding Elle. Soon his baby twins will be here.

This week we spent our time at home with Han's friends. Yesterday we went for a walk and ran into Ethelyn. She invited us in to have dinner and for the boys to play. Hans loves being with Christian because he is rough and tough like him. I haven't seen to boys play together so well.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Ellie is fast asleep on her two month birthday. I put her in the cute outfit I got from Gayle. She is such an alert little girl. She smiles and talks to me all the time. She is our little talker.
I had to go to my grandparents to help my grandparents with their landscaping. Hans got to play with Luke and Levi on the six flags splash park that I bought to leave there. Since my mom is living with them I thought it was a good idea to have some outside toys.
This weekend Grandpa and Grandma came up and brought Hans all kinds of sand toys. The only thing they didn't know was we didn't have any sand for his sand box. So I went with Cindy so she could get him some sand. Since we have had it he has played in it every day.