Thursday, August 27, 2009

Over the weekend Mark and I worked on projects. I painted Hans and Elle each their own chalkboard wall. They had a great time putting it to use.

The boys came over to play with Hans. The house was perfectly neat and was a disaster after, but they had a great time. Hans didn't mind cleaning it all up.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Hans liked the lounger. I think we will have to go and buy a few more. We saw Harry Potter an GI Joe.
On Monday I had Ethelyn's three kids plus my two. All as I can say is.... I didn't have time to say anything.

Ellie and I hang at the drive in!

We went to the Wisconsin State Fair with Grandma and Grandpa. It is nice because the Grandpa's house is five minutes from everything- the zoo, summer fest, fair and more.

Elle wasn't big enough to go on the rides. Luckily the guy at this ride let me put her on.

We got to ride on the Ferris wheel.

I said to Mark that I am going to take Elle down the slide. He said no way she is to little. Everyone else responded Hans went down at the same age. As you can see he lost. Elle loved the slide. Hans rode the slide with Grandma.

Grandma gave Elle some soda. She is definitely like her father.

We checked out all the animals. Although Grandma and I got distracted by the gift shops.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Dinner with Shamu

Our final stop was Mammoth caves Kentucky. Mark had never been in a true cave. We all enjoyed! Although Hans got a little scared because it was so dark.

We got one family picture swimming.

I kept on seeing signs for Rock City. We decided to get off and check it out. My mom had already been there, so she knew we would enjoy it. On the rock seven states are visible. There were also caves and small spaces to walk through. The fairyland caverns was a cave with miniature displays of the fairy tale stories.

Eating a snack looking at seven states- Virginia, Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, North and South Carolina

We were planning on staying in Atlanta, but Mark scheduled a detour. We ended up heading to Covington Georgia. The town has been filmed in many movies like Friday the 13th, and the upcoming Halloween. We also had to go to the campsite where they filmed Friday the 13th. Behind Mark is the lake from part six.

Ellie got used to resort living! She loved being able to go out and come back and lounge at the pool.

Saturday, August 01, 2009

Part 1 to be continued..
Our Second Day at Sea World

In the splash area at Sea World

Hans and I enter a hole and crawled into the aquarium to get a pic.

Elle is my animal lover. She is so happy every time she see fish and dogs.

At Magic Kingdom on the Carousal. Hans and I got our pineapple floats.
Elle loved all the rides nothing scared her.

Hans liked all the rides, but Snow white still scares him.

Elle loved everything about Magic Kingdom. She got to go on her first rides.

Magic Kingdom

Aquatica was the perfect break from the amusement parks. We loved everything- the lazy river, roaring rapids, the water slides, wave pool, the play center with nets, tunnels and slides, and so much more. Hans and Elle went on the water slide numerous time with Grandma and me.

In Florida we stayed at the Shingle Creek resort.

Hans and Elle had their snack on a towel in the hotel room.

Hans was faster in the tunnels and I was quicker on the nets. This way I could keep up with him.

Hans and I ran through all the tunnels. I think I am a little tall for them and remind me next time not to wear a dress.

Shamu is Hans favorite animal now.

We had dinner with Shamu. It is something I will do again.

We went on all the kid rides at Sea world. Hans couldn't get enough. He is definitely like me.

Hans and Elle were scared of the sharks.

Sea World

Mark and I went out for a night on Savannah little did we know most everything closes early. Much different from Myrtle Beach everything was open late.

On the carriage tour through Savannah.

We walked the streets of Savannah. It was so beautiful!

In Savannah meeting the horse before we went on the carriage tour.

We collected sea shells, went boogie boarding, walked along the ocean, and went in the lazy river pool. Mom went boogie boarding for the first time and I think it will be her last.

The Grand Strand Myrtle Beach

In Myrtle Beach at Ripley's Aquarium.

In Raleigh with Kristin and her family. Mark and Elle spent the night with his best friend John and his family. Kristin's home backs up to the woods. Hans just made himself at home. He definitely didn't want to leave

We went town in Apex and the boys played on the train.

Broadway at the beach. We did some shopping and went to eat at Margarita ville