Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I came home this evening from being out with Christine and I get the news from my sister that my brother Erik has 4 days left to live. As you can imagine I was devastated! I came to find out my brother is going to be in the hospital receiving blood transfusions and chemotherapy with Velcade. He was just diagnosed with mutliple myeloma cancer of the plasma or Otto Kahler disease. Please Pray for him and Kim right now as they are going to have many decisions to make. My heart is broken for them and for Nate and Deb as Nate fights cancer. It is so hard to think of all the suffering and pain they have to endure fighting this battle. All I can do is pray.

Monday, October 27, 2008

I forgot to include this picture of Laura and Ellie. It was my favorite. Laura is amazing with kids and Elle just loved being held by her. She was all smiles.

We had our neighborhood trick or treating on Sunday. I had different costumes for Hans and Elle, but of course Hans wanted to be spider man again. Hans got so much candy, but when he rang the doorbell he wanted to go into every ones house. He was more captivated by the animals than the candy, but the second he got home he wanted a sucker.

Rick and Ria had their Halloween party. For us this was the year to remember. It is funny how when you don't have kids you don't remember all the special events, but this one Mark and I will never forget. It was such a great time. When Rick and Ria plan a party they go all out!

We got the kids together for a picture. Although the high school kids weren't in it.

Rick moved the wall back to allow the kids to go through the haunted house. They didn't want to leave Hans went through so many times. One time he stayed in there for twenty minutes. He had the time of his life. Rick, Ria and Pete put so much work into decorating their house. It kept Hans entertained the whole time and when it was time to leave Hans was upset. He would have stayed forever!

Rick and Ria put up a fake wall. When we took this picture we didn't know that the Haunted house was behind us.

The Hills brought their new live in nanny for everyone to meet. They definitely need the help with three kids under the age of three.

On Saturday we had Rick and Ria's Halloween bash. Mark and I went with simple costume because we were wiped with a night of no sleep Hans feel out of bed and wouldn't go back to sleep. I got Hans all ready, but he kept taking his mask of so Mark worked with him. Mark got it so Hans could see. Ellie got dressed as a clown and looked so cute.

Hans leaving the haunted house.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

For our Friday night, we took the kids to Stevenson volleyball game, which Maggie the girl I was a nanny for played in. The ironic part is that our friend from college Tim is her coach. I was so excited to get to see Maggie and hang out with Tim's wife Jen. Hans played with Jen's daughter Tylea. She has such a great personality. Hans was in his pistil mood for most of the night, so some of my students ran him around, but when I came out there he was with Jen and they were out of site. I thought maybe they left him with Mark but when I found out they didn't I was not happy.
Jen and I hung out with the kids in the cafeteria, and Hans was picking everything off the ground he even ate something. So Gross! Although it is like I tell my students it just strengthens your immune system. JK! Stevenson won their games. I didn't get to talk to Maggie, but for a second although it was fun watching her play. Mark and I were planning on going to Portillos afterward and Jen, Tim and his parents were heading there to so we got to spend some more time talking. Hans and Tylea had fun throwing paper around and Hans love his spaghetti which he got everywhere. I don't think even with the best of cleaners his sweatshirt will get clean.

Tylea got to have her first snickers bar, which Mark introduced Hans to at the age of two.

This week Ellie decided to crawl under her exerciser and play. She thought it was so fun until she had a hard time getting out. Also her and Hans decided to do races up and down the front hall. Hans gets on his scooter and Elle is in her walker and the race. Elle wins many time even with a bottle shoved in her mouth.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Mark and I have been working on potty training with Hans. He has been going OK for me, but we are determining Hans knows daddy lets him get away with more. When I come home he runs to the potty and goes. Then after he washes his hands he runs to the pantry and he gets a gummy bear or M&M's (little does he know it is his gummy bear vitamins). Today when I called Mark, Hans was asking for more M&M's, but he wouldn't go on the potty. So this is what I have determined Hans and I need to train daddy not to give him candy when Hans hasn't worked for it. At this rate Hans will never be complete potty trained, and I want him to be done with diapers at two.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Luke and Levi came to visit today with Grandma and great Grandma> So we stopped and picked up our family picks. Here are a few.

For our Friday family fun night we went with Dana, Andrew and Anthony to Bounces R Us. It was such a blast. Hans started to get tired and then had some Sprite and got an unbelievable second wind. We have been doing so many fun activities we are not sure what to do next.
I put Elle in the ball pit she cried at first, but then she loved it. Once she realized she was safe.
Hans love the climbing wall.
Mark and Hans sliding down the princess ride. It fits doesn't it! HAHA

It was a tight squeeze in the spider man obstacle course.
Hans and I were climbing up to go down the batman slide.
When we first got there Hans headed right for the ball pit. Hans and Andrew really liked being in there.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Today was Christine's b-day. So Hans brought over a gift for her birthday.

Today I had the day off and it was a much needed day! We were supposed to go to Lake Geneva, but I was wiped after chaperoning homecoming. So Kirsten spent the night and then headed up to see Sam and the boys. Kirsten and I went out in the morning and got blueberry, raspberry and blackberry bushes. Hans loves to pick berries so next year hopefully they will grow to be full bushes.
When we got home Hans decided he was a baby and need to get in the walker.

We went to Stade's Farm for the first time. Our neighbors Dana and Jason invited us to go with. We had such a great time. It is funny that when you have kids you go to place you would never would have thought to go to. Of course while we were there I ran into students.

Hans went through the maze with Allysa. She was told to hold his hand the whole time and he definitely liked her. Coming out of the maze he was so busy looking around her ended up falling out and I was trying to get a pic and took it of him falling. Good job mommy!

Hans went out to pick pumpkins and he took a while to find one he wanted.

Hans lead us through the corn maze and we ended coming out the entrance. Jason and Andrew came out the exit. Hans never lead us that way.

We went on the Hayride over to pick pumpkins and Hans sat behind us by Anthony. Elle liked being right up front seeing everything.

Hans loved the inflatables. He spent so much time running through the inflatable once again he didn't come out. The boys hiked up the haystacks.

Hans went with Dana, Andrew and Anthony in the corn pit. He had corn all over him. He slid down the slide into the corn. Anthony buried Hans in corn, but he only stayed in it for two seconds.

Last week we went over for dinner at Christians house. Christian can't get in his toy box so usually Hans helps him but he was busy playing so Christian pulled over his booster seat. I spent time holding the babies while Mark talked with Dana.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

For our Friday Family fun night, we drove to a park. We were told about with trains and it was such nice weather we decided to go. It was an old style park with merry-go-rounds, tall slides, tire swings and many other things as you can see. I was just like the parks I grew up going to. We will definently be going back. After we were done playing we went to Mc Henry.