Saturday, December 05, 2009

This has been quite the month. (Thus the lack of posts) I was in the hospital due to a major loss of blood, which may cause me to miscarry. Then my Grandparent's celebrated their 70th which I couldn't be at due to bed rest. Two days later my grandfather passed away. I was hoping I would get to see him on Thanksgiving, but he went to heaven to be with Jesus Tuesday morning. Then on black Friday Mark and I celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary by spending the long weekend in the city. We had to change our plans due to me being on bed rest, but we had a wonderful time. I was able to get new coats from Macy's and all of my Christmas shopping done online. Sunday we returned for my Grandfather's funeral. It was such a celebration of his life and how God worked in him at an early age to make him such a wonderful man. I went and had to sit the entire time, but everyone was so understanding and came and talked with me. Monday we had the burial service and it was special. My Grandma spoke and had such wonderful things to say. Then on weds I returned to work. I was told I looked like death or a few other choice words, but I made it through the day. Right now I am taking things day by day and praying for protection and healing for the baby. Also we are trying to finish off our loft for the baby. That way each kid will have their own room and a room for grandma, without having to move grandma to the study.

Hans and Mark had to do their first project together since I have been out of things. Hans had to decorate his letter N for school.

Mark and I went downtown for our anniversary. We stayed at a hotel in the perfect location which usually costs 800 a night.

Here are Elle and Hans looking at Stacey's horses.

Melissa and Britney came down to help me with the kids. It was great to have them since I can't do much.

The first snow!!! Hans came screaming and woke up the house. He started saying HOHOHO! because he knows Santa will be coming soon now that there is snow.

Hans and Elle were getting ready for Grandpa Kenny's funeral.
Mark and I for our 10 year anniversary had major plans but we cut down because I wasn't able to do much. We heard John Williams at the Chicago symphony orchestra. It was the best concert that I had ever been to there. We also went to the walnut room and ate under the tree.

The kids were already to go to Thanksgiving.

The day when I got out of the hospital Mark took the kids to church and Elle decided to come and rest by me.

We went to a bonfire at Stacey's horse ranch. She is a friend of mine from high school. The kids both wanted horses, but I think they will have to settle for lessons from Stacey.

The kids were ready for church. They were just trying to get a snack in before we went.

Hans and Elle were great helps putting up the decorations. They pushed the bins back to daddy so he could put them in the basement. Although they got the great idea to try to bring them down the stairs themselves. Luckily we caught them in time.

We went with Dana and Andrew to the town. Elle wasn't sure what to do without Hans. Hans was at Awana.

Our Small group has been at our house quite a few weeks to meet and Eric and Mark decided to watch part of a 3-D movie at the end.

Hans and Elle built me the most beautiful trivets. They got to pick out the tile and paint and they both perfectly matched the kitchen.